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Introductory Cybersecurity – Stay Safe!

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Study Mode: Course Level: Level 1
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Cyber Security - Securing your Systems is a level 1 8 week course which introduces the basic concepts of keeping your systems safe when online.

The first three weeks will cover the basics of cyber security. You will look at the security threat landscape and look at methods you can adopt to protect your online presence and your information.

You will then look more closely at some of the technologies needed for the internet and cyber security. This will include gaining an understanding of how computers are connected in a network and how the data transmitted across that network is kept secure.

In the last two weeks of the course, you will look at what can be done if you suffer a cyber security attack how can you deal with it and more importantly how can you plan for the future so that the likely hood of it happening again is greatly reduced.

As this is an introductory course there are no entry requirements to enrol, except for an enthusiasm to learn about staying safe online and a willingness to attend all lessons either in the classroom environment or online.

- How to begin to protect your digital life.
- How to recognise threats to your online safety
- What steps can be taken to reduce the risk of online threats.
- Understand concepts including malware, viruses and Trojans.
- Consider network security, cryptography and identity theft.

During this course you will study: (modules)

Week 1: The Threat Landscape (the basics)
Week 2: Authentication (Passwords what are they for?)
Week 3: Malware
Week 4: Networking and Communication (what is the Internet?)
Week 5: Cryptography (The secret of keeping secrets)
Week 6: Network Security (Firewalls and VPN's)
Week 7: When your defences fail! (Identify theft and loss of data)
Week 8: Managing security risk.  

By studying this course you will:

  • Develop your understanding of how to protect yourself online.
  • Learn how recognise some of the most common and less common threats to your online safety.
  • Develop your confidence in dealing with online threats.
  • Understand how deal with malware, viruses and Trojan threats in particular.
  • Gain valuable insight into Cryptograph, how it works and why it is so important in keeping us safe online.

This is an introductory course and so there are no exams. Your knowledge and understanding of what you are learning will be continually assessed throughout the course using multiple choice quizzes each week with a final quiz at the end of the course covering topics on the course.

After you have successfully completed this course you can progress on to further courses within the college on Cyber Security.

We have excellent success rates and feedback on this course from past students.

You will be taught by an experienced, professional, friendly tutor who will support you to complete your course and progression to the next level of study.

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