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Mobile App Development Level 1

Mobile App Development Level 1

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Mobile App Development Level 1

Are you in the dark about smartphones and tablets? 

Thinking of getting one but worried you won't be able to use it properly? 

Whether you are a personal or business user, mobile IT devices can open up a whole new world of possibilities! 

This short fun course will give you a hands-on introduction to the world of smartphones and tablets and build your confidence in understanding and using the different features and functions of mobile technology 

Also, if you earn less than £25,000 per year and aged 19 or over, you could study this course for FREE! Take advantage of the new funding and #DoMore with your future.

To access this course you are required to have: 

  • Level 1 English - this will be assessed at your admissions interview 

During this course you will: 

  • Learn how to use an iPad 
  • Discover how to install apps 
  • Learn how to use features such as Skype, email and the in-built camera 
  • Explore user specifications 
  • Learn how to safeguard your mobile IT device 

By studying this course you will: 

  • Gain confidence in using a mobile IT device 
  • Use mobile technology for personal and business use 

This is an introductory course and so there are no exams.  

Your knowledge and understanding of what you are learning will be continually assessed throughout the programme  

Successful completion of the course will enable you to: 

  • Progress to another IT course offered by the college 
  • Use mobile technology effectively 

We have excellent success rates and feedback on this course from past students. 

You will be taught by experienced, professional and friendly tutors who will support you to complete the course and progress to your next level of study 

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