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Polymer – Injection Moulding Single Minute Exchange of Dies

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The course is appropriate for anyone involved in manufacturing that has a specific interest in productivity improvement and waste time reduction projects. The material utilised is based around the injection moulding process but can equally be applicable to alternative environments. Sufficient time spent within a manufacturing environment is therefore required to enable the full consequences and limitations discussed within the course content to be fully appreciated. 

Specifically designed to enhance the capabilities of staff contributing to waste time reduction projects with manufacturing environments. In particular: 

  • Production Engineers
  • Process Engineers
  • Production Managers
  • Production Planners
  • Logistics Controllers
  • Anyone who makes an input to a company's product change procedure, i.e. setters, operators

The prime objective of this intensive course is to provide a thorough understanding of techniques that can be utilised to identify and then remove waste time within manufacturing environments. The programme enables attending personnel to work through actual reduction exercises to become familiar with the paperwork involved and culminates in an actual demonstration of the techniques in action. On completion of the course the delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the philosophy behind SMED and how it can be used
  • State the negative affects of long set-up times
  • Define what is meant by a manufacturing change
  • Conduct analytical studies using standard format documentation
  • Recognise similar time saving opportunities once returning to work
  • Witness the techniques employed in practical situations
  • Have a knowledge of commercially available equipment that can assist in the process
  • Repeat the benefits of the SMED process over and over again
  • Manage SMED projects within their own working environments

The course has been designed so that attending delegates will have a thorough understanding of the philosophy and procedures involved in this waste time reduction technique. Through theoretical instruction and actual practical time reduction exercises candidates will be able to replicate the activities when returned to their normal work environments.

Attending candidates will leave the course having heard the theory behind the SMED techniques and having had the opportunity to put into practice the issues covered. They will also have discussed the various topic areas to draw on experiences that illustrate the key points being made throughout the course by the tutor. Qualification: An end of course assessment will be undertaken to ensure that the topics covered have been understood by the attending candidates and, which, on successful completion, will lead to the issuing of a PTIC SMED Certificate of Understanding.


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