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Polymer – IM-Tooling Design and Procurement

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To gain the most from this course, attending candidates should have been involved with design and procurement projects associated with the injection moulding process for a period of no less than 3 months and have some knowledge of the process requirements.

Who should attend:

  • Product and Tooling Design Engineers
  • Project and Production Engineers 
  • Logistics and Procurement Staff
  • Tooling and Production Managers

The course has been designed to provide candidates with a fundamental understanding of the principles associated with plastic moulding product and tooling design together with raw material knowledge regarding properties and service characteristics.

On completion of the course, the delegates will be able to:

  • Communicate effectively using terminology relevant to the various design activities
  • Effectively manage future projects through the design and procurement stages
  • Stipulate the correct manufacturing process based on design and / or volume requirements
  • Select appropriate polymeric materials and design according to their specific requirements
  • Understand the fundamental principles associated with the injection moulding process
  • Appreciate how raw material selection affects mould design requirements
  • Identify and eradicate poor design aspects before tooling is commissioned
  • Take appropriate action for any prototyping, pre-production and / or low volume requirements
  • Select the most appropriate type of production tooling for any raw material and higher volumes
  • Identify opportunities for improvements in existing designs and tooling capabilities
  • Optimise future designs to minimise initial tooling and ongoing maintenance costs
  • Identify external computer based packages that could be of benefit for ongoing design activities


Although no formal assessment is undertaken as part of this taught programme, attending candidates will be expected to complete a range of practical activities and 'hands-on' learning exercises to the satisfaction of the course tutor. 

Attending candidates will leave the course with a full understanding of the various inputs required for a successful design at all stages in order to take new products through to manufacture.


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