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Polymer – Injection Moulding Advanced Processing Techniques

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Candidates must possess existing high levels of skill and knowledge, either by having been awarded an NVQ Level 3 in processing, or having passed PTIC's Injection Moulding Technology Part 3 end of course assessment or by scoring a mark of 90% or above in our pre-course questionnaire.

Specifically designed for highly competent technical staff involved in the injection moulding process who now wish to undertake further processing optimisation and efficiency improvement projects. In particular: Manufacturing and Process Engineers, Processing Technicians, Efficiency Improvement Coordinators.

On completion of the course, the delegates will be able to:

  • Introduce machine variables to maximise product quality
  • Understand the rheology of polymer materials as they flow
  • Consider profiled speed settings within the injection phase
  • Consider profiled pressure settings within the holding phase
  • Discuss alternative advanced injection moulding manufacturing technologies currently available
  • Evaluate the relative performance of various switchover trigger signals
  • Conduct a Design of Experiments tool trialling exercise
  • Quantify production stability and efficiency levels using industry standard models

Advanced Processing Certificate of Achievement. Material covered has been aligned to the content of an NVQ at Level 3 and can be used as underpinning knowledge towards achieving the award.

Candidate assessment will be undertaken as part of the training course. The feedback management report, showing individual results, will be returned to the candidate's company representative to assist in the identification of any further training needs or potential career opportunities within the company.


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