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Polymer – Injection Moulding Process Troubleshooting

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Following on from Injection Moulding Technology - Part 3, this program gives the candidate the oportunity to further their processing skills. This is achieved by hands on problem solving on the machinery, with expertise at hand.

Who will benefit:

  • Setters/Technicians
  • Any technically experienced staff who wish to improve their hands on processing skills.

The following topics are covered in this program:

  • Review actions recorded during initial practical activity
  • Logical approach to problem solving (hands on)
  • Fault identification on moulding's, process and / or tooling issues will all be encountered
  • Short and long term variables considerations - Identification of symptoms, causes and remedies
  • Practical problem solving and process optimisation
  • End of course assessment (test paper & PICAT II software)

Benefits to the company:

  • More efficient problem solving via a logical and systematical approach
  • Quicker set-up time leading to increased production
  • Less material wastage through reduced start-up scrap

This program will give delegates an ideal opportunity to build upon the skills covered in Injection Moulding Technology - Part 3. The program consists of logical process optimisation techniques in order to achieve an acceptable quality standard.


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