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Polymer – Materials Handling and Preparation

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There are no candidate restrictions that apply to attendance on this course programme. However, greater benefit will be achieved if candidates have been involved within a plastics manufacturing environment for a period of 3 months or more.

The course has been designed specifically to suit the needs of all staff involved in the purchase, quality control, storage, handling, warehousing and distribution of plastics materials required for production. Content is discussed using an informal delivery model to generate discussion within the group to mutually benefit from a range of industrial experiences in addition to those of the tutor.

On completion of the course the delegates will be able to:

  • Describe what is meant by a plastic material
  • Identify company specific materials used by their trade names and product codes
  • Explain the molecular structure of plastics materials
  • List common product faults created from faulty material handling practices
  • State a range of additives used within modern plastics materials
  • Explain the MFI (MFR) test procedure and the relevance of numbers obtained
  • Detail common hopper loading methods and the equipment used
  • Identify safety hazards associated with material handling activities
  • Describe good material storage practices
  • List various material drying methods and equipment stating situations for appropriate selection.

Theoretical instruction is complimented with a variety of practical demonstrations covering areas such as correct usage and the cleaning of various types of drying equipment, hopper loaders and granulators together with production of test-piece samples that are then tested for mechanical performance exercises. Individual candidate knowledge levels are assessed at the end of the course using a short multiple choice questionnaire, after which a results and feedback report is provided to help identify any further training requirements.

PTIC Material Handling & Preparation Attendance Certificate. Material covered has been aligned to the content of a Level 2 NVQ and can be used as underpinning knowledge towards achieving this award, if so desired.


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