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Polymer Processing Appreciation

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Polymer processing industry - brief overview of the industry in the UK, comparing scale of polymers processed and number of employees in each sector.

  • Polymer materials - Basic introduction to plastics materials and additive systems. 
  • Injection moulding - Principle and terminology
  • Thermoset moulding - Technology and techniques
  • Extrusion - Single and twin screw processing
  • Blown film extrusion - Mono/multi-layer films
  • Extrusion blow moulding - Mono-layer and barrier construction
  • Vacuum/thermoforming - Principles and materials used
  • GRP laminating - Overview of principles
  • Rotational moulding - Overview of process.

The course is predominantly theory, covering all of the major polymer processing techniques. Some processes will be demonstrated, utilising the equipment available at the Polymer Training & Innovation Centre.


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