Gender pay generally compares average pay and bonus by men in the workplace compared to the average pay and bonus for women. Gender pay is not the same as Equal pay – we do not believe that we have equal pay issues.

Gender pay analyses all employees and organises them in terms of their gender and pay rate. The calculations are then about the ‘mean’ pay for females and the ‘mean’ pay for males. This is the average that all females who work in the College earn and the average that all males who work in the College earn.

The second calculation is to take the pay rates for females and take the ‘median’ pay – this is the mid-point of pay for females and compare it with the mid pay point of pay for males.

The next calculation is around bonuses and the mean and median paid to male and female staff. As you are aware, the bonus payments that we have made were for the recruitment of apprentices.

We also have to split the workforce into 4 quartiles based on pay and report how many males and females were in each quartile.

The gender pay documents area of this webpage contains the information that we have reported along with actions that we intend to take.