Why Choose Us?

  • Flexible and relevant training for employers. We are able to offer bespoke training programmes to suit your needs. If you have a staff member with assessor’s qualifications, we are always happy to arrange for them to assess your apprentices.
  • All of our Trainers and Assessors are highly qualified, have relevant or current occupational experience and are committed to continuous professional development.
  • You will be allocated a dedicated Assessor who will arrange one-to-one sessions, in the workplace, with your apprentices to suit your requirements or arrangements can be made to use our facilities at the Academy.
  • A dedicated Account Manager – You will be allocated an Account Manager who can help you with all of your training and recruitment needs.
  • FREE Recruitment Service helping you with the whole process of taking on an apprentice from advertising to interview and selection.

Apprenticeship F.A.Q

What is an apprenticeship?

As employees, apprentices work alongside experienced staff to gain job-specific skills. Training is provided by Hair Training Academy Worcester in the workplace. During an apprenticeship, apprentices work towards nationally recognised qualifications.

How many hours per week does an apprentice need to work?

An apprentice must work for a minimum of 30 hours per week and not more than 40 hours per week.

How much do I need to pay an apprentice?

The National Minimum Wage structure details the current minimum rate of pay for an apprentice. This rate changes in line with other bands in the National Minimum Wage structure. Current rates can be found at www.gov.uk/national-minimum-wage-rates. For the first 12 months of training, an apprentice, whatever their age, is eligible to be paid at the apprentice rate. After 12 months, if the apprentice is then over the age of 19, they must be paid the National Minimum Wage rate for their age. If not, this comes into effect on their 19th birthday. When an apprentice starts training with us we provide the employer with details of if or when they will need to adjust payment rates during the apprentices training.

What is the age limit for apprentices?

As we have funding for adult apprenticeships, we are able to consider training apprentices of any age.

How long are apprenticeship courses?

We look at each new apprentice on an individual basis to establish a time frame for their training. We look at factors such as prior knowledge, salon experience and the working environment to establish this. This decision is always made in conjunction with the employer. As a guide, an Intermediate apprenticeship (level 2) will take 12-18 months and an Advanced (level 3) apprenticeship will take 12-18 months. An apprenticeship must always have a duration of at least 12 months.

Read our guide for employers brochure below: