Induction Programme

Our induction programme is designed to provide you with the key things you need to know about the college as a whole, the departments and some of the people who work here. You will find lots of information via our college intranet that is there to support your induction and help you gain an overview of the college.

What is contained in the induction and how does it work?

  • Your induction will be loaded on your Self Service account when you join us and you are responsible for managing your induction with the assistance of your line manager
  • Your induction will contain information that your need to learn – this could be by being shown by others, by reading information and by attending courses. All of this information will be captured on your learning account.

Training & Development

We are dedicated to ensuring that as an employee, you are supported with the necessary training and development opportunities to excel in your career. The college has many opportunities for you to learn and develop yourself which include in-house training on an on-going basis, dedicated staff CPD days, as well as the possibility of upskilling through a qualification.

All members of staff will have Key Performance Indicators as part of their role – these are targets that are agreed with you and your line manager. You will have opportunities in the year to meet with your line manager to agree the targets, identify progress and to complete an annual performance review (APR). Targets are generally agreed at the end of the first month after you join the college, reviewed between January and March and again May to July. The APR process which covers our values/your performance, training and development, succession planning is completed May to July in any year.

Initially for the first 6 months of your employment you will be on probation and that means you will have at least 3 formal meetings with your line manager to see how you are doing and the probation form will be completed with you.

Buddy Scheme

As part of our on-boarding process, all new employees will be paired up with a ‘buddy’.  The aim of the buddy is to help the new employee settle in and to ‘find their feet’.  The buddy will be of a similar level to the new employee and will be in place for between 2 – 4 weeks.

The buddy will support the new employee by being:

  • A point of contact
  • A friendly face
  • An informal source of information on the team and department
  • Someone who knows how things work across the organisation and is prepared to share that experience