Former City of Wolverhampton College motor vehicle student Liz Sutton

Former motor vehicle student Liz Sutton

04 Feb 2019
Former motor vehicle student Liz Sutton Image
Former motor vehicle student Liz Sutton Image

As transport manager for a local community organisation, Liz Sutton signed up for the part-time Level 1 award in transport maintenance to give her a basic understanding of how vehicles work.   

Liz said: “I enrolled for the course because as part of my role I am responsible for a fleet of mini buses and felt that I should have some knowledge of basic vehicle maintenance.    

“I learnt about brakes, exhaust systems, chemical components and tyres and have more knowledge of how an engine works that I did before.  As a result, I feel more confident in my professional role as well as a driver of my own vehicle.  

“I was a bit daunted about coming back to college as the last time I was in a learning environment was 25 years ago, but I didn’t feel out of place and really enjoyed the experience.”

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