Success story: IT apprentice Amanpreet Thamrat

IT apprentice Amanpreet Thamrat

07 Mar 2018
Amanpreet Thamrat
Amanpreet Thamrat

Gaining practical skills rather than sitting in a classroom is what attracted 18-year-old Amanpreet Thamrat to an apprenticeship, and he’s now combining working in City of Wolverhampton Council’s e-services department with studying for a Level 2 diploma in IT qualification in college.

Amanpreet, who is an apprentice digital content creator for school websites, said: “I learn far better when I’m actually doing something so being able to use the skills I learn at college in the workplace makes my job so much easier, and I can refer to my experiences at work in my assignments.

“Since starting my apprenticeship my confidence has increased and I’ve been given more responsibility, and I now take part in discussions with school staff about what they want on their websites.

“These days, if you go to university there’s no guarantee you’ll get a job at the end of your degree so an apprenticeship is a great way alternative as you can continue to study, gain valuable work experience, and get paid too!”

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