Eden Ilunga - games design student at City of Wolverhampton College

Eden Ilunga -games design

12 Jan 2022
Games design student Eden Ilunga
Games design student Eden Ilunga

“I wanted a fresh start and to learn in a different place – and I heard that the college is good,” said 16-year-old Eden Ilunga who is in the first year of the Level 2 diploma in games design. 

Eden, who wants to either work for a gamed design company or head up his own team of games designers, said: “I like how people play games for entertainment or storytelling and doing this course will give me a better understanding of games creation. 

“I’ve learnt how to use game making software – such as Unity – and it feels good when I see the ideas that I’ve drawn out on paper working in a computer. 

“It’s a good environment to learn in and is more relaxed than school – you’re learning with people who want to learn the same thing and are interested in computer games so it’s easy to start a conversation and talk to people. 

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