City of Wolverhampton College ESOL student Maya Zangova

ESOL student Maya Zangova

14 May 2019
ESOL student Maya Zangova Image
ESOL student Maya Zangova Image

When 38-year-old Maya Zangova moved to the UK from Bulgaria 10 months ago she was unable to speak English at all – but after doing an ESOL course at the college has been able to stand in front of a group of English speakers and talk about how far she’s progressed in such a short space of time. 

Maya said: “In Bulgaria I worked in a marketing role for 14 years so it was difficult to have to go back to the beginning and start learning again, but when I came to college for my first assessment I promised I’d work hard and I did! 

“I’ve learnt so many things – I can recognise formal and informal ways of writing and now know the right phrases to use when I’m talking to people. 

“Not only have I gained academic skills, but I’ve gained life skills too – I’m more confident in speaking to people and have also been able to help others in the class. 

“The tutor pushed us to believe in ourselves every day and, as a result of what I’ve learnt this year I’ve now applied to do a MSc in marketing management.”  

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