Sammy Docyogen - Phase 2 of Groundworks and Plant Operation - City of Wolverhampton College

Sammy Docyogen – Phase 2 of Groundworks and Plant Operation

10 Dec 2020

37-year-old Sammy Docyogen was informed about the Groundworks and Plant Operation course through his local jobcentre. He decided to sign up for the course due to his passion for working in construction, his aim at the end of phase two is to gain employment in the industry.

When asked what he thought about the course Sammy said: “I love construction and that’s why I got into it. The facilities are brilliant and tutors have been supportive.”

Sammy would recommend the course to anyone thinking of getting into construction, in particular Groundworks and Plant.

Phase one and phase two of the Groundworks and Plant operation course is offered by City of Wolverhampton College, in partnership with the West Midlands Combined Authority and supported by Sunbelt Rentals and JCB.

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