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Sarah Vaughan Teaching & Education

19 Apr 2021

37-year-old Sarah Vaughan is a qualified hairdresser with 20 years of experience in industry, she now wants to pass on her wealth of knowledge and pursue a career in teaching. She is studying for the Certificate in Education as the first stepping stone to gain the confidence and experience of becoming a teacher.

Throughout the course Sarah has gained confidence in her own ability, learnt valuable skills and knowledge that will support her career. In addition she is feeling more confident with digital skills which will develop her teaching ability in the 21st Century.

Sarah wishes to continue her studies further by completing her degree and enrolling on a BA (Hons) Post compulsory Education course.

Sarah would recommend this course to anyone who is thinking about a career in teaching. Sarah added: “Go for it as it can be the stepping stone to some amazing career opportunities.”

Whilst having two young children and being an owner of her own mobile hair salon, Sarah has still managed to find the time to study and is making her dreams come true as she has secured a job teaching what she loves.