Tara Stephens - hairdressing student at City of Wolverhampton College

Tara Stephens – hairdressing

15 Feb 2022
Hairdressing student Tara Stephens is pictured working on her model's hair
Hairdressing student Tara Stephens is pictured working on her model's hair

“I wanted to do something for me and have a job that will fit around my children,” said Tara Stephens, who enrolled for the Level 2 diploma in hairdressing in 2020 and has now progressed to the Level 3 diploma.   

Tara added: “Level 2 taught me the basics of hairdressing and Level 3 is enabling me to hone my skills in styling and colouring and teaching me how to do intricate cuts and different colouring techniques, as well as how to create occasion hair. 

“I really love colouring and, when I’ve completed my qualification, I want to focus on becoming a colour specialist and when I’ve got a few years’ industry experience I’d like to become an assessor and support others who are training like I did.” 

As part of the course, Tara submitted photographs of a bright copper coloured hairstyle, inspired by the sunset, to the colouring category of the Concept Hair Learner of the Year 2022 competition and her entry so impressed the judges that she’s made it through to the finals of the competition in March!  

Read more about Tara’s entry to the competition here

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