Polymer Training Facilities

The Polymer Training and Innovation Centre, at Stafford Park 4 in Telford,  is a technical training and consultancy business owned by City of Wolverhampton College.

The centre specialises in providing injection moulding, blow moulding and extrusion training and has an extensive range of industry-standard equipment including: 

Fanuc α – S150iA
150 Tonne clamp force
All electric injection

Ferromatic K-TEC 110
110 Tonne clamp force
Mono sandwich capability
Direct locking machine

Engel 80T
80 Tonne clamp force
Direct locking machine
Fitted with Kistler Pressure Sensing equipment

Arburg Allrounder with Multilift Select Robot
110 Tonne clamp force
470 C 1500 400 Golden Edition Direct locking machine
Fitted with Kistler pressure sensing equipment

Fanuc S-2000i30B
30 Tonne clamp force
All electric machine

Bole BL140EKS with Sepro Success 22 robot
140 Tonne clamp force
Direct locking machine

Uniloy Milacron BW 1500 EL
Multi-layer, twin parison, continuous extrusion blow moulding machine. Gravimetric blending and mixing system

Krupp Kautex KEB3
Mono-layer, twin parison, continuous extrusion blow moulding machine. Gravimetric blending and mixing system

Formech 508 DT 
Forming area of 400 x 260mm2

3 Hoist (2T SWL) Overhead Crane
Radio Controlled. Supplied by Pelloby

Tri Cool Portable Chiller
Compac series 2000

Magnetic Separation System
Supplied by Bunting Magnetics to filter raw material feeding the Engel IM M/c.

Vismec Centralised Material Feed System
supplied by Summit Systems capable of conveying 6 different materials across 7 IM & 2 BM M/c.’s

Mould Temperature Controllers
Various units supplied by Regloplas ,Tool-Temp, HB Therm plus Frigel – Turbogel & Microgel units

Material Drying
Maguire low pressure Vacuum dryer plus 2
Rotary Wheel Dryers supplied by Summit Systems

Gravimetric blenders
Supplied by Summit Systems & Renmar

Supplied by MB & UPM

Test Equipment
Melt Flow Index tester
Tensile Tensometer

Training Facilities

Process Simulation Software for the Injection and Blow Moulding Processes

PICAT II provides a realistic processing experience for the user, without the company incurring costs for interrupting production or material wastage.

The package, which uses realistic graphics to emulate polymer processing scenarios, measures the user’s skills in setting and running a polymer processing machine.

Using accurate machine simulation, the user sets and runs the machine to manufacture a product within specification by using interactive process controls to identify and troubleshoot potential faults.

A learning management system enables facilitators or supervisors to access an analysis of the skills and abilities of each user.

The simulator is designed to operate in the same way as a polymer processing machine. 
Users are provided with a simulated machine set up to produce a defective plastic product and are required to remedy the fault by adjusting the machine controls until it is manufactured to specification.
The learning management system enables the facilitator or supervisor to assess the strengths and areas for development  of users, by reviewing the action taken to correct the fault in terms of time taken,  scrap produced and other faults caused through incorrect adjustments to settings.
To find out more call 01952 610101 or  us at ptic@wolvcoll.ac.uk