Young Person WolvColl

Do you want to live independently in the future?
Do you want to do a college course in your favourite subject?
Do you want to learn skills to help you get a job?

Whatever you want to do, the college’s Futures programme can help you by developing your abilities and teaching you important life skills.

You’ll learn about money, shopping and cooking, how to travel safely on public transport, and how to live healthily and use leisure facilities, as well as how to communicate with other people and make new friends.

When you decide to come to college a tutor will meet with you and your parent/carer to find out what your hopes are for the future and what your individual needs are.

After this meeting the tutor will decide which what course is best for you and you will be invited into college to have a look around and meet some of the other students who will be on your course.

If you want to talk to someone about coming to college you can ring the admissions team on 01902 317715 or email

Take a look at our ‘five step guide to becoming a student at WolvColl’:


Apply Online  – Apply online at



Meet Tutors – Meeting between young person, parent/carer and college staff



Tutor Develops Plan – Tutor develops individual educational package



Invite into College – Invite into college to meet staff, other students and look around



Start Your Course – Start your course