Skills Accelerator Programme

This new Skills Accelerator Programme is a key policy initiative in the Department for Education’s White Paper ‘Skills for Jobs: Lifelong Learning for Opportunity and Growth’.

City of Wolverhampton College, along with some other Black Country Colleges has been successfully in receiving funding for equipment and resources to provide employees with access to modern, industry-standard resources to support their progression into employment and facilitate career development. Funding will also support City of Wolverhampton College to deepen links with the region’s employers, ensuring that the content of courses and the skills developed are in line with the latest industry standards.

City of Wolverhampton College is set to provide courses to introduce employees to business improvement, business innovation and digital marketing. See course information below:

These programmes are designed to cover the basics and fundamental knowledge of business innovation and sustainability.

These 3-day courses will give you greater knowledge and enhanced skills in these areas, allowing you to make changes that impact your own business and to explore the option of further study.

Many workplaces struggle to create a culture that encourages new ideas and experimentation. Prior to COVID lack of innovation was already a challenge but recent events have heightened the need for adoption of new ideas and fresh creative thinking to overcome current problems and respond to challenges. The programme includes:

· How to develop the mindset, skillsets and toolsets of highly creative people and implement these concepts within your business.

· Developing skills in challenge articulation, idea-generation, problem-solving and collaboration and look at how to implement these ideas into your business.

· Learning strategies and processes for identifying, defining and prioritizing business needs.

· Learning to develop creative techniques which help you implement those strategies and processes within a company, to help you innovate more effectively.

Course Outline

· How to identify customers’ needs

· Overview of key business improvement tools and strategies

· Scoping, planning and managing improvement ideas

· Evaluating existing communication structures and improving them

Prerequisites – None

Length of course – 3 days (contact us to discuss our flexible options for online/blended learning)

Days/dates – Contact us to discuss our flexible options

Progression – Level 3 Lean Technician, Level 4 Improvement Practitioner

Campus address – City of Wolverhampton College, Telford Campus (TF3 3BA)

The course has been designed so that candidates will have a thorough understanding of the philosophy and procedures involved in this waste time reduction technique. Through theoretical instruction and actual practical time reduction exercises candidates will be able to replicate the activities in their normal work environments.

Who should attend?

The course is specifically designed to enhance the capabilities of staff contributing to waste time reduction projects with manufacturing environments. In particular:

· Production Engineers

· Process Engineers

· Production Managers

· Production Planners

· Logistics Controllers

· Anyone who makes an input to a company’s product change procedure, i.e. setters, operators…etc.

Course Outline

· Providing a thorough understanding of techniques that can be utilised to identify and then remove waste time within manufacturing environments.

· Enabling candidates to work through actual reduction exercises to become familiar with the paperwork involved

· Demonstration of the techniques in action.

· Understand the philosophy behind SMED and how it can be used

· State the negative effects of long set-up times

· Define what is meant by a manufacturing change

· Conduct analytical studies using standard format documentation

· Recognise similar time saving opportunities once returning to work

· Witness the techniques employed in practical situations

· Have a knowledge of commercially available equipment that can assist in the process

· Manage SMED projects within their own working environments


The course is appropriate for anyone involved in manufacturing that has a specific interest in productivity improvement and waste time reduction projects. The material utilised is based around the injection moulding process but can equally be applicable to alternative environments. Sufficient time spent within a manufacturing environment is therefore required.

Length of course – 2 days (contact us to discuss our flexible options for online/blended learning)

Days/dates – Contact us to discuss our flexible options

Progression – Injection Moulding Technician Level 2, Injection Moulding Technician Level 3

Campus address – City of Wolverhampton College, Telford Campus (TF3 3BA

Consumer behaviour has changed dramatic in recent times. Digital marketing gives businesses the chance to reach people on platforms where they spend a lot of time and money. This course will enable to you to gain an understanding of digital marketing principles, how you can create a strategy and how it can help your career prospects and your business grow.

Course Outline

· Principles of Digital Marketing

· Types of Digital Marketing and the platforms used (including social media)

· Digital Marketing approaches and strategy

· Understanding digital marketing campaigns

· Digital marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Prerequisites – Basic understanding of IT, internet browsing and social media

Length of course – contact us to discuss our flexible options

Days/dates – contact us to discuss our flexible options

Progression – Digital Marketing Apprenticeship Level 3

Campus address – City of Wolverhampton College, Wellington Road Campus, Bilston (WV14 6BT

If you are an employer interested in knowing more, please contact or 01902 836000 (Select option 5) for further information.