Study Hubs

The Study Hubs at each campus are well-equipped learning centres offering a wide range of resources to assist you with your studies.  

  • A comprehensive lending library offering text books, e-books and journals 
  • Audio-visual resources such as DVDs and CDs 
  • Chrome books, iPads, headphones and reader pens available to borrow 

The hubs have study areas and individual workstations for private study, as well as space for group study and discussion, photocopiers for you to print your work, and a selection of affordable quality stationery.  

What’s more, staff in the Study Hub run workshops to help with study skills, researching and proofreading and are always on hand to help with CVs and job applications. 

We all have moments of doubt when faced with our assignments – How do I start?  Where can I research the topic?  How should it be set out?  What format does it need to be in?  How can I be sure there are no errors?  How can I improve my study skills?

For this reason, we have Success Zones to help you overcome small or large hurdles and succeed in your studies.

The Success Zone is an on-demand In-Person and Online service where you can get help with any aspect of your studies.  Sessions can be arranged for individual help, or small group sessions.  Your Tutor may also arrange a weekly drop-in session for your class.

The Study Hub team has a lot of expertise to share with you so get in touch to maximise your success by asking for help!

Help we can provide:

  • How to get started with research and your assignments
  • Time Management Strategies
  • Harvard Referencing and Bibliographies
  • Strategies for checking your work before you hand it in
  • Effective Note Taking
  • Preparing for Exams

…and many more!

We can assist you in developing many study skills and look forward to working with you!

If you’d like some help from our team, please email Rose Edwards to book a slot

The Study Hub provides a range of bookable online workshops, for anyone who needs a structured session to help with a range of topics. We will schedule these throughout the year and places are bookable by contacting the Study Hub team.  Look out for our schedule!

We will also work with curriculum areas and schedule online workshops for groups as needed. These can be invaluable for your students to succeed or to build their study or work skills.  (Please note that we require tutors to be present during the workshop).

Below are some of the workshops we can offer:

  • A Guide to Harvard Referencing
  • Effective Note Taking
  • Preparing for Exams
  • Revision Tips
  • Research Methods
  • How to Check your Work for Errors Effectively

If you would like to book your group in for a workshop, please contact Rose Edwards – Study Hub Supervisor.

If you would like to refer an individual student for help or support with their study skills, they can be booked onto a pre-scheduled online workshop or, alternatively, why not send them to our Success Zone?

Paget Road CampusWellington Road Campus
Monday8.30AM - 5PM8.30AM - 8PM
Tuesday8.30AM - 8PM8.30AM - 8PM
Wednesday8.30AM - 4PM8.30AM - 4PM
Thursday8.30AM - 8PM8.30AM - 8PM
Friday8.30AM - 4PM8.30AM - 4PM

We aim to remain open for as many hours as possible during college holidays. However, opening times during these period may vary. You can check our latest study hub opening times on Moodle, and on the doors of the study hubs themselves.

Paget Road Campus: 01902 317535

Wellington Road Campus: 01902 821054


To borrow books and use the Click+Collect service login to myWolvColl  If there are Covid restrictions in place, this is the main way to obtain a physical book – but plenty of E-books exist as well, would be useful.


Save your work to Google Drive online, not the college computers.

  • Use your ID number and password to log in to the computer.
  • Log in to Google Chrome, by entering your email address as the username

( and the password that you use to log in to computers.

  • Click on the square icon made up of lots of little squares to get onto Google Classroom.
  • Save work by uploading it to Google Drive.

Log in to your emails through Google by logging in using your email address and individual password you have created. Your email address, as a student, is:

No, unless your tutor has specifically asked you to and has arranged this with the Study Hub.

  • The easiest way of obtaining IT assistance is to ask a Study Hub team member to call an IT technician on your behalf.
  • If the issue cannot be sorted over the phone, we will request that a technician comes to you, if possible.

We can provide you with a new password, for you to then change as soon as you can.

  • Head to the main desk in the Study Hub and present your ID card.  Alternatively, please email with your name and ID number to request a password reset.  (Note: We may email you back for some security checks, before we can change your password).
  • You will receive a new password.
  • We advise that you then login to a college computer to change your password to something only you know with more than 6 lower case letters and/or numbers.

When printing the document, the College printers are set to print back-to-back automatically to save paper.  If you need single-sided copies, please ask a Study Hub Assistant, who will be happy to advise.

  • If it is a new academic year and you have not yet printed, you may need to register your card on the printers. Call a member of staff over for assistance if you need it.
  • You may need more credit; to top up, head to the main Study Hub help desk.
  • The printer may need more paper; call a Study Hub staff member over.
  • You may have sent a large file over; if your work has lots of colour images or lots of pages, it may take a while to print. If the front of the printer is flashing, your work will be printing but may take a while.

  • Follow-You-Mono for black and white.
  • Follow-You-Colour for colour.

Please think carefully when deciding if to print in colour – does it really need to be in colour? It will cost you more and your print credit will run out much quicker with colour printing.

  • Printing is charged per side and costs vary, depending on what size paper you use and whether your printing is in colour.  The current charges are displayed in the Study Hubs.
  • Each student will receive a printing budget, pre-loaded onto their ID card.  If this runs out, you will be able to top-up your credit in the Study Hub.

No, you can renew your items in a number of ways.

  • By Email: please email your renewal request to
  • By telephone: 01902 821054 (Wellington Road Study Hub) or 01902 317535 (Paget Road Study Hub)
  • Text leaving your ID number to 01902 821114
  • Via our online Library Service: this is available from our Moodle Page and you need your College ID number to log in.
Please note that if your item has been reserved by another user, you will not be able to renew it and must return it as soon as possible.

You can borrow up to 10 items including laptops and iPads.

We don’t charge fines but you may be asked to replace lost items.

At first you might need to register. Your ID card acts as your library card.

To borrow a book, find the item you need, we can help with this if necessary, bring this to the counter and we will issue this on your account.

If there are Covid restrictions, please see the Click and Collect section or access our E-book platforms via Moodle.

No, you are welcome to use any PC which is free, although you can book if you would like to.

  • You may need to be logged on directly by a member of the Study Hub team, especially if you have recently logged on elsewhere; take your ID card and computer number to the desk.
  • You may need to have your password reset; head to the main desk.
  • You may need IT assistance which can be provided by explaining this to a Study Hub team member.

Yes, we open during most holidays. We will advertise opening hours before hand, so please look out for posters/ leaflets.