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What is Additional Learning Support?

We are here to ensure you get the most out of the opportunities available during your time with us.

At college you will receive support from your course tutors who will have planned your sessions, the Student Hub which offers a range of out-of-class support services, Learning Resource Centres and the Additional Learning Support (ALS) team.

Additional Learning Support is designed to enable you to access your programme and achieve your learning goals. Sometimes people need more specialised support and our ALS team can provide a range of methods to help you succeed. We can support you in your studies if you have a specific learning difficulty eg dyslexia or a physical/sensory disability, which may or may not be temporary.  Also, if you feel you are struggling with your literacy, numeracy or language skills we can talk through your concerns and find a way to help.


Please tell us as early as possible if you would like to know more about Additional Learning Support so that we can effectively meet your needs. We will arrange a confidential meeting to discuss your support requirements.


We want to support you in achieving your goals and to have a successful and enjoyable experience at college. We can discuss your support needs or any other concerns that you think may affect your learning at any stage of the academic year, check your eligibility and agree your Additional Learning Support plan. Each person is assessed individually. Please note: We cannot guarantee that we will be able to provide support in every case.


You can request support in any of the following ways:
• Tell us on your application form
• Tell us at your college interview
• Phone us on 01902 834262
• Email Additional Learning Support –
Complete our online application form for Learning Support – CLICK HERE

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