Adam Lainchbury - engineering apprentice - City of Wolverhampton College

Adam Lainchbury – engineering apprentice

17 Aug 2022

Its not an exaggeration when I say that my life has been turned around by the opportunity afforded to me by Kyocera Unimerco and City of Wolverhampton College!” said 23-year-old apprentice Adam Lainchbury. 

Adam is in the first year of a 42-month Level 3 engineering technician apprenticeship at the company which manufactures, distributes and services tools for machining for the metal, woodworking, automotive, aerospace, power generation and fluid power industries 

He added: “There are no ends to the benefits of apprenticeships! Knowledge and learning opportunities are more valuable than a lot of people think. The training I am receiving from both work and college are providing me with the tools to become more skilled and professional within engineering and therefore my career. I will always be able to draw on this knowledge and apply it to whatever job I’m doing at the time, which will help me perform to the absolute best of my ability. 

Before I started the apprenticeship, I was stuck in a workplace that was unappreciative and demoralising and starting to lose hope that I’d be able to get into an industry I love, however I am now confident in talking about my work and studies and can hold my head up high knowing that I enjoy what I do. 

For those who think that an apprenticeship is nothing special and is just another option, I’ve shown that no matter where you are in life, or how old you are, it can be the most life-changing opportunity you can have and my biggest regret is not doing this sooner.   

 Your new life is only an application away, and certainly in today’s world apprenticeships are getting more and more valuableso grab the opportunity while it’s in front of you and become the best you can be – get applying and chase your dream career!