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Maisie Harris – Apprenticeship in Hairdressing

03 Jul 2024

Seventeen year-old Maisie is half way through her first year of her Hairdressing Apprenticeship, studying the Level 2 qualification.

Maisie said: “My family were in the hairdressing industry, and I have always been interested since I was young and when I would help out my family. I therefore applied to do an apprenticeship because I liked the idea of being able to get on the job experience, whilst gaining knowledge at the same time.

“I help assist the stylists in the salon, and watch them to pick up on different techniques. The training I am receiving is preparing me for my future career as I am building up my knowledge and techniques for when I become my own stylist. I am assessed in college and at my workplace with the college assessors making sure I am on track to where I should be.

“Since starting this apprenticeship I have gained more confidence and I hope to stay on as a stylist at Lisa Milner hair in the future. Apprenticeships are a good way to build up work experience whilst knowing you are still having the correct learning from college.”


Lucy Chilton, the salon manager, has been working with Maisie and said the following: “Maisie is half way through her first year at college doing her level 2 qualification. Maisie has settled into our salon really well. She is working alongside Megan and they work really well, together they make a great team.

“Maisie struggled with confidence when she first started with us last year, but we can already see the difference in her since being with us. We are hoping she will continue to grow whilst here and we are confident she will become a fantastic stylist.

“Apprentices are extremely important to our salon, they keep the salon running smoothly and ensuring our stylists keep their column in check.”


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