Paige Barratt - teaching assistant apprentice - City of Wolverhampton College

Paige Barratt – teaching assistant apprentice

17 Aug 2022

Nineteen-year-old Paige Barratt is a Level 3 teaching assistant apprentice at St Batholomew’s Primary School in Penn. 

Paige, who stared her apprenticeship in September, said: “Education is an area I’m passionate about and I feel that the apprenticeship will help show me what the job is actually like. 

“I’m learning about day-to-day life in the school and how it works, and gaining an understanding of the skills I need and what I will be expected to do during the week. 

To any young person who thinks the only way to get into their dream career is to stop on at school or go to university, I’d say to look at different ways because there are many other opportunities to fit the lifestyle they want.