City of Wolverhampton College provides Business Improvement Training (BIT) for people at all levels and ability.

The team of trainers is drawn from industry and has hands-on experience in the application of their specialist subjects.

We offer bespoke, flexible and relevant training for employers and can tailor courses to suit your needs – whether that is bite-sized training or delivery on site.

Industry Experienced Consultations

This half day consultation is designed to equip the attendees with the skills to recognise the best ways of working to achieve their business objectives and measuring the ways of working against those used by the market leaders.

Time/Length: Half day
Location: In-company
Price: £300

Continuous Business Improvement Courses


Apprenticeships are not just for young people looking to gain their first placement. The BIT framework offers a structured approach to deliver the knowledge and training in the techniques of business improvement to experienced employees enabling them to make a contribution to the overall efficiency of the business

Find out more about the Lean Manufacturing Operative Apprenticeship here

Short Courses

Perhaps no other skill can yield such immediate results and benefits than learning how to improve business processes.

This course explores the need to continuously improve business processes and the critical success factors for making the effort sustainable and successful.

It provides a structured framework in understanding the fundamental tools, techniques and methodologies for improving business process.

The aim is for delegates to leave the course with the capability to effectively contribute to process improvement teams, applying the key tools within a small scope business problem or task.

It will also enable them to support the development of robust and sustainable business process improvement solutions.

Duration: 2 days

Effective deployment of the 5S techniques enables businesses to maintain control of productive space as well as minimise the 7 main forms of waste.

5S techniques are a visually-orientated set of methods that facilitate higher levels of productively, safety and increased quality awareness, through a more orderly work environment, where the layout facilitates effective working methods.

It is an essential pre-requisite and foundation for continuous improvement.

The training includes step by step guidelines and access to 5S visual templates that can be modelled to suit your business requirements and the skills to introduce and sustain 5S strategy.

Duration: 1 day

Addressing the root causes of problems improves quality, process flow and productivity whilst also improving staff morale, as people become engaged in the creative process of problem solving and process improvement.

This course will enable employees to effectively utilise the tools and techniques used in structured problem solving, identify root causes and implement permanent long-term solutions.

Duration: 1 day

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