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English & Maths

A good standard of English and maths skills is important, not only whilst studying at college but for your future career and everyday life.

During your time at college, good English reading, writing and listening skills will enable you to read text books, carry out research, understand instructions from tutors, write essays and assignments and answer questions in exams. If you’re planning on going to university you’ll need excellent English skills to produce an impressive personal statement, or if you’re hoping to go straight into employment in your chosen industry you’ll need top-notch skills to enable you to search for and apply for jobs, complete application forms and answer questions in an interview.

Good maths skills are vitally important too - whether it’s working out how many words you’ve got left to write in an assignment, the supplies you’ll need for a particular task, budgeting for meal costs during the week, dividing up an annual salary into monthly amounts, or checking that you haven’t been overcharged in a shop or restaurant, you really can’t get by without them.

All of our courses list the grade of English and maths you are required to have for that particular qualification however, if you’re not at the required level, you’ll have the opportunity to study one or both subjects alongside your main qualification or be offered an alternative option to enable you to achieve the required grade.

Studying  English and maths at college isn’t like being back at school – our specialist tutors make learning interesting and your subject tutors will also help you to develop your skills by correcting your work and making suggestions on where your writing can be be improved.

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