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Automotive Apprenticeships

If you want to work in the motor vehicle industry, doing an apprenticeship is a great way to kick start your future career. 

Whether you want to be a general mechanic, a specialist technician in a dealership, or open your own accident repair business, our motor vehicle workshops are the place to kick-start your career in the industry. 

Whether you want to focus on becoming a general mechanic or specialise in accident repairs, work in a small garage or for a large national chain, or even open your own business in the future, apprenticeship training will enable you to develop the skills and knowledge you need for your chosen area. 

During your apprenticeship you’ll combine working with studying towards occupational standards set by employers, learning-on-the-job alongside experienced colleagues in the workplace rather than sitting in a classroom all day  – and, because you’ll be doing a real job for a real employer, you’ll get paid too! 

In the workplace you’ll learn on-the-job by working alongside existing experienced staff, and when you’re in college you’ll be taught by qualified tutors who have worked in the industry themselves. 

What’s more, you’ll be supported throughout your training by college staff who will work closely with your employer to ensure that the skills you are learning are what is required by their business and that you will achieve your full potential and career aspirations. 

You’ll do your training in our fully operational motor vehicle garage on the Paget Road campus which has a range of different vehicles for you to work on and is equipped with an open-plan mechanical workshop, spray booths and paint rooms, fabrication and welding workshops, air conditioning and electrical repair areas.   

We have excellent relationships with local employers and develop training to meet the needs of their businesses, so you can be assured you’ll gain the skills that they are looking for in their employees – and, if you impress them during your training, you may even be offered a job when you’ve completed apprenticeship. 

And, did you know that apprenticeships aren’t just for new staff? if you’re already employed in the industry and want to improve your skills and boost your promotion prospects you can benefit from apprenticeship training too – just ask your employer to email and a member of the team will contact them to discuss your training further. 

Apprenticeship vacancies are being added to our website all the time – take a look at the latest opportunities here 

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