Bromford - City of Wolverhampton College


03 Feb 2021


Bromford is a housing association and a social enterprise and invests in customers to help them thrive. The company prides itself on building houses that people want to live in.

 Why did you decide to take on an apprentice?

Bromford constantly looks at refreshing the business and one way we do this is through recruiting apprentices. They learn from people who have done the job, it gives us a chance to refresh the ranks. Our apprentices really value the chance to learn from their colleagues and earn a wage too. 

What duties does the apprentice carry out? 

Our surveying apprentices do the job from day one. We give them a real opportunity to join a team of experienced colleagues and learn from them onthejob. It gives them affirmation – they know what they are studying and they grow in confidence as the apprenticeship progresses, taking on more tasks and their knowledge grows from their study at college and on the job. They are made to feel part of the team from their first day at Bromford. Our permanent construction colleagues really enjoy working with an apprentice. 

What support did you receive from the college when setting up the apprenticeship and what support is provided to you and your apprentice during their training? 

We are supported by our account manager and the surveying assessor. We receive regular reviews about our apprentices’ progress. The college staff are always there to answer queries and keep us in the loop. The surveying assessor looks after our apprentices and knows what’s best for them – he knows our business and what we need, and he helps our apprentices develop accordingly. 

 What would you say to other employers who are considering taking on an apprentice? 

We have no worries about working with the college – our questions are always answered quickly and staff are always honest and open about the apprenticeship programme, particularly if changes need to be made to better suit the needs of a learner or the business.