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10 Mar 2022

A tearoom; the provision of food and drinks in a comfortable setting

Why did you decide to take on students for work experience?
It’s helpful for both of us. The students get hands on work experience which is both necessary for their CV but also to help them decide what they want to do in future. They also get training which can help them to get a job in future. We get an extra pair of hands and to have hopefully helped someone get further in life.

How has the company benefitted from offering work experience?
In offering work experience we not only benefit from getting another pair of hands to help us out but as we’ve taken on someone with special needs we’ve gained a greater knowledge of how best we can offer better services to people with special needs.

What support did you receive from the college when setting up work experience and what support is provided to you and your work experience students during their training?
We have had fantastic support from the high needs jobs coach who has been available whenever we have needed to discuss any issues, or when we have needed any advice. They have been here regularly both to check that their student is getting on well and also to check that there had not been any impact on the business. They did a risk assessment before the student started and made sure that the student was comfortable here and they have been regularly in touch since.

What would you say to other employers who are considering offering work experience?
Definitely consider it. Like all members of staff they need training and supervision but knowing that the students are willing to come in regularly and give their time to gain some experience makes it very much worth it. And don’t just get them to do the menial tasks, give them a proper experience of the role so that they can make the decision whether it’s for them or not.

Thank you for asking me to offer work experience. It’s been as valuable for me as I hope it has been for the student.