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Orton Electrical and Mechanical Group

06 Feb 2023
Orton Group
Orton Group

Orton Electrical and Mechanical Group Ltd 

Electrical and mechanical contractors, based in Wombourne, providing electrical, mechanical and maintenance solutions for a variety of sectors. 

Why did you decide to take on an apprentice?  

We pride ourselves on taking apprentices annually for our skilled workforce and wanted to give another young person an opportunity within the administrative side of the business.  

We didn’t have a full-time role, but realised with the growth of the business it would quickly become a full-time role and knew we had time to train a new person. 

What duties does the apprentice carry out?  

Our apprentice carries out a range of day-to-day administration duties including booking appointments, receiving telephone calls and allocating work to engineers. 

How has the company benefitted from having an apprentice?  

We have been able to train our apprentice in our methods of working from the beginning and they quickly became an asset to the team. 

Initially we utilised them across different divisions of the business, but they have now taken responsibility for a sector of works 

What support did you receive from the college when setting up the apprenticeship and what support is provided to you and your apprentice during their training?  

The college found us the apprentice, organised their interview and have continued to support us with mentoring via monthly reviews plus availability on the phone should we need it 

Thank you for helping us find such a fab apprentice! 

What would you say to other employers who are considering taking on an apprentice?  

Do it!  

We were unsure whether we wanted an apprentice or an experienced employee but took a chance on an apprentice and it was the right decision. 

It has allowed our business to grow, whilst giving a young person an opportunity to start their career and we may shortly be looking for a second office apprentice.