Syspal - City of Wolverhampton College


04 Feb 2022

Syspal is a market leader in the innovation, design and manufacture of aluminium and stainless steel equipment for hygiene and quality orientated industries. Producing a vast range of equipment from pallets, tables and sinks through to nuclear, pharmaceutical and automated handling systems.

Why did you decide to take on an apprentice?

Mainly for two reasons:

  • Due to the diverse nature of our product it was very difficult to find staff who had the skill sets required and therefore many years ago we found that training an individual with the right mindset and aptitude gave us the ideal employee to fit the unique role who also had a greater sense of loyalty.
  • The second main reason was related to the location of our business, which is situated in the middle of a small country style town. Having apprentices gave us the ability to give back and create employment within the area.

These are the two main reason although there are many others, rewarding, investing into the future generations, just to mention a couple.

How has the company benefitted from having an apprentice?

  • Having employees who are working within a role with the correct skill set and training.
  • Creating a positive relationship between the business and local community.
  • Loyalty towards the company by the employee.

What support did you receive from the college when setting up the apprenticeship and what support is provided to you and the apprentice during their training?
The level of support is at a standard we have come to expect during the years of working with multiple local colleges – site visits, direct communication lines between the trainers and the trainee.

What would you say to other employers who are considering taking on an apprentice?
I would advise any employer to take on apprentices as long as they have the time and ability to give the training and support which is needed heavily in the early stages of training – this time spent will be returned and doubled in the future, not to mention the sense of reward which comes from seeing an individual grow into a competent and skill employee.