TATA Steel - City of Wolverhampton College

TATA Steel

08 Feb 2022

Manufacturer of steel with distribution throughout the world.

Why did you decide to take on an apprentice?
We took on an apprentice to provide a training platform for two years with a view to provide a full-time role within the business depending on skill set.

What duties does the apprentice carry out?
Customer service, sales, data input, general office duties.

How has the company benefitted from having an apprentice?
In my team of six sales people have two former apprentices (now doing internal sales) and one current apprentice in their first year.

What are the benefits of an apprenticeship?
An apprenticeship provides the individual a with formal qualification while they learn the fundamentals of business administration / customer service.

What would you say to other employers who are considering taking on an apprentice?
It’s a great way to bring new people into the business and get a understanding of the key skills they have, or can gain, to decide where they will best fit in the company when they complete their apprenticeship.