City of Wolverhampton College games design student Mya Dell

Games design student Mya Dell

20 May 2019
Games Development Student Mya Dell
Games Development Student Mya Dell

“I’ve got a strong passion for games and am really enjoying the course”, said 18-year-old Mya Dell who is studying for the Level 3 diploma in games design. 

Mya, who had a change of direction after doing the first year of A Levels at school, added: “As part of the course we get the chance to design our own game and I’ve worked with two others to combine 2D and 3D elements to programme a 2.5D horror game- it’s very rewarding when you see the outcome of your hard work on the screen! 

” I also got the chance to do work experience at games design company Flix Interactive – it was great to work alongside professionals and get experience of what it’s like to work in the industry.  

“It was a good decision to come here – I’m now prepared for my future career and hope to go to Staffordshire University to study for a BSc in Programming.” 

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