Adam Cater - games design student at CIty of Wolverhampton College

Adam Cater – games design

21 Jun 2022
head shot of Student Adam Cater, wearing a black top and standing in front of a white background
head shot of Student Adam Cater, wearing a black top and standing in front of a white background

“The course is a ‘must-have’ if you want a career in the games industry as you gain an understanding of the fundamentals of the industry,” said Adam Cater who is nearing the end of the first year of the two-year Level 3 extended diploma in games design. 

Adam added: “The last two terms have gone really quickly! I have enjoyed both terms and have managed to develop new skills and improve my existing skills. I’ve moved out of my comfort zone to discover new experiences and feel that I have improved as a person and a games designer. 

“Term one allowed me to test the new knowledge that I had acquired and demonstrate it in a practical way by competing a formative project, which increased my determination to continue on the path to a future in games design.

“Term two enabled me to gain the role of team leader and improve my team-building and team-working skills on a group project and allowed me to share my passion for the course with others as well as help them become just as motivated as I am. And the term enabled me to see more clearly who I am as a person, as well as what games design means to me.  

“In this final term, I have learned that things may not always go as expected in a project and how to adapt to new situations and find ways around the problem, as well as the importance of getting feedback and how to adapt my work to meet the needs of a specific audience. 

“I have been able to keep on top of my work and complete all the final pieces that I needed to do, as well as some side projects that I had set myself throughout the year, and just need to complete a video recording of my final project to showcase in a showreel.  

“The course is really helping me to understand the games industry and how everything works and is also helping me to pursue my dream of going to university and becoming a games programmer. 

“If you’re unsure about coming to college, you really should give it a try – there’s something for everyone and the staff will help and guide you to reach whatever you want to do in the future.  

“My college experience has been absolutely perfect! It was an enjoyable environment to work in and I would 100% recommend it to help you define your future!” 

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