College students pedal their way to better mental health


15 May 2023

 Students and staff at City of Wolverhampton College will be getting on their bike and ‘cycling to the sea’ to experience the benefits of exercise on mental wellbeing during Mental Health Awareness Week (15-21 May). 

 The college is running a Bike to the Beach challenge and encouraging students to hop on a stationary exercise bike to help clock-up 70 miles – the distance from Wolverhampton to the nearest beach at Wallasey in the Wirral – and use pedal power to release endorphins and serotonin which can relieve stress, aid better sleep and improve overall mood. 

 Staff will be also running a lunchtime yoga session with students encouraged to put away their phones and learn relaxation and breathing techniques to help them to switch off from their studies.   

Rose Urkovskis, head of student entitlement at the college, said: “The link between exercise and mental health is well documented and this is an opportunity for students and staff to have time away from their busy schedules and take part in some physical activities to benefit their mental wellbeing.” 

 Throughout the week the college will be holding tutorial sessions to raise awareness of mental health, and positive actions that can be taken to reduce and anxiety and recognise when additional support may be required. 

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