Dominic Rollason-Hough - IT student at City of Wolverhampton College

Dominic Rollason-Hough – IT

12 Jan 2022
IT student Dominic Rollason-Hough wearing a black coat sitting at a desktop PC
IT student Dominic Rollason-Hough wearing a black coat sitting at a desktop PC

17-year-old Dominic Rollason-Hough is in the process of setting up his own e-commerce business with the skills he’s learning on the Level 3 extended diploma in IT. 

Dominic said: “Doing this course is giving me the opportunity to get an education and gain a qualification at the same time as developing my business, and what I’m learning is really helping me to do that. 

“I’m not only learning about communication, planning, programming, problem solving, installing software, maintenance and technical support, but also about project management skills which has been really useful and something I didn’t know about before.   

“At school you’re just taught what you need to know to pass a test, whereas college gives you an actual learning experience and you develop more practical skills. 

“When we complete a module we get personal feedback from the tutor and suggestions on how we can improve – at school I took feedback personally and felt that the teachers were disappointed if I hadn’t done something right, but here it’s an opportunity to improve and learn more from the tutors’ experience. 

“Since coming to college I’ve developed a much broader range of skills than I had before and have become more confident too – it was the right decision to come here and I’d recommend it.” 

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