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Ewan Whyte – Teaching & Education

05 Jul 2021

30 year-old Ewan Whyte, part-time Music Lecturer at City of Wolverhampton College and a musician is furthering his studies by completing the Certificate in Education to develop his skills as an educator.

Throughout the course Ewan has gained confidence in his teaching ability. Ewan said: “Receiving delivery of high standard lessons every week in a vast amount of areas has helped me prepare for my teaching days.

“I feel more prepared for how to meet different learner needs and how to use e-leaning tools effectively.”

Upon completion Ewan plans to continue to incorporate the new skills and knowledge learnt in his lessons as well as continuing his professional career in the music industry and will continue to tour, write and record music with artists and bands. He has previously performed on Vevo Discover, Aria music Awards, Match of The Day x and Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Ewan would recommend this course for anyone thinking about a career in teaching. Ewan added:  “I highly recommend the course to aspiring teachers. The thought and effort Adam puts into his lessons is outstanding and I have always had the support and guidance when needed.

“I feel far more confident in my role and I am very proud to be a member of such a passionate and talented team at City of Wolverhampton College.”