Gurpret Singh - A Levels - City of Wolverhampton College

Gurpret Singh – A Levels

12 Jan 2022
A level student Gurpret Singh
A level student Gurpret Singh

After moving to the UK from Italy, Gurpret Singh came to college to do an Access to A Levels course to give him the grades he needed to progress to A Levels as the first step to his future career in dentistry. 

Gurpret, aged 20, said: “After doing the Access to A Levels course I decided to carry on studying at the college as I liked the environment and teaching methods. I’m now doing A Levels in biology, chemistry and maths and have applied through UCAS to study dentistry at university. 

“Biology and chemistry are mandatory subjects for pursuing a career in the medical field, and I chose maths as it is considered one of the most appropriate subjects (alongside physics) for entry into medicine and dentistry – I find it fascinating and interesting and it was one of my strong points at GCSE. 

“I’m currently learning about the nervous system in biology, organic chemistry in chemistry and normal distribution in statistics and trigonometry in pure maths. 

“Tutors give us homework which allows us to apply the knowledge we have gained in our answers and give us examples of questions that can come up in exams which helps with revision. And we have mock exams throughout the year which helps to identify any weak points that we need to work on. 

“There is more freedom at college than at school and you are free to study and revise autonomously and I have become more independent and am able to manage my time more effectively. 

“Education is important as it nurtures and stimulates our mind and allows us to have a better life, not only economically, but also increases our knowledge and helps us to distinguish between good and bad.”