Success story: IT student Sarah Deans

IT student Sarah Deans

27 Jun 2018
Sarah Deans - IT entry level
Sarah Deans - IT entry level

Fifty-two-year-old Sarah Deans came to the college in January to enquire about starting a counselling course in September, and was advised by tutors to use the time in between to improve her IT skills in readiness for the written work she’ll be required to do.

Sarah, who enrolled for the part-time entry level IT qualification, said: “I worked with computers in the 1980s before I had my children, but they weren’t like they are today! Everything has moved on so quickly and I wanted to bring my skills up-to-date.

“The tutor was great and explained everything well and everyone in the class helped each other out.

“I certainly feel more confident in using a computer now and I’ve been able to use the internet to search for antique auctions and holidays which I wouldn’t have been able to do before.

“As well as improving my IT skills, the course has also got me back into studying and a routine of combining coming to college with family commitments which will stand me in good stead for when I start the counselling course in September.”