Apprenticeship with City of Wolverhampton College leads to job success for Lewis!

Job success for IT apprentice Lewis Butler

03 Aug 2020
Lewis Butler - IT apprentice
Lewis Butler - IT apprentice

Signing up for an IT apprenticeship through City of Wolverhampton College has launched 18-year-old Lewis Butler’s career in the industry as he has been offered a permanent contract at the company where is doing his training. 

Lewis, who works for the Central Learning Partnership Trust, said: “I am very passionate about computing and wanted to learn more so opted for an apprenticeship in the field. 

The apprenticeship has given me the knowledge to be able to complete my qualification at college as well as skills that I’ve been able to use in the workplace in my role as an apprentice technician.  

“I have nearly finished my apprenticeship and the company wanted me to continue working for them so offered me a permanent job – it felt great as it shows that I have made a good impression at the company and that they can see me progressing further in the future.