Lisha Symmonds City of Wolverhampton College

Lisha Symmonds – Certificate in Education

20 Dec 2023
Picture of Lisha Simmonds in her graduation robes.
Picture of Lisha Simmonds in her graduation robes.

After working as part of the Francesco group’s apprenticeship team for a number of years, 27-year-old Lisha Symmonds signed up for the Certificate in Education to improve her knowledge of the education sector and enable her to train new apprentices.

Lisha said: “The course helped me develop the skills and underlying knowledge of education and the areas you need to help progress and better your own lessons. I have then been able to pass those onto newer members of my team. 

“Anyone thinking of doing the CertEd, I would say go for it! I wished I’d done it sooner than I did as it’s something I will always remember, and my experience with my tutor and my group were second to none!” 

Lisha has risen through the ranks in Francesco’s Hair Academy and since completing her qualifications has been offered the role of head of education and accounts management with global educator ProCare.