Qwert Fisher – Level 3 T-Level in Digital Support Services - City of Wolverhampton College

Qwert Fisher – Level 3 T-Level in Digital Support Services

22 Apr 2024

Seventeen-year-old Qwert Fisher is currently studying the Level 3 T-Level in Digital Support Services. Following this, he aims to continue his studies in Computer Science at University to enable him to become a software engineer in the future.

Qwert said: “The T-Level in Digital Support teaches you about basic computer hardware, networking, data analytics, data bases, project management, diagnosing and fixing faults on computer systems, legislation and laws, and algorithms. It appealed to be because I love the practical elements of this course.

“As part of the T-Level qualification, I will undertake a 45-day industrial work placement. I will get hands on experience in areas such as software engineering, managing and looking after networks, repairing and restoring broken pieces of technology and much more. The increasing demand for work experience in the IT sector is currently overwhelming to anyone trying to get a job in this sector, this qualification gives me the opportunity to gain work experience whilst focusing on my passion of computing. This will be greatly beneficial to me in my search for a job in the IT sector.

“The T-Level course is fantastic, I encourage anyone to apply. It is a good course to study, and gets you active in the topics that you are currently learning about. The teachers are kind and understanding of whatever position you may be in, and since starting college I have come out of my shell and feel like I can flourish, learn, and be myself in a positive environment.”

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