Raphael Glod - Electric Vehicle and Green Technologies - City of Wolverhampton College

Raphael Glod – Electric Vehicle and Green Technologies

11 Jun 2021

Raphael Glod, 47 years old was unemployed before starting this course.

During Covid, Raphael was unable to find a permanent job so took a temporary position at the Royal Mail sorting office.

Covid made him sensitive about the environment and making good choices to save the planet and, having bought an electric car, he started to think about what he could do with his future and how to learn new skills for a future career.

When he found out about the free electric vehicle course it was the opportunity he needed, and being free, meant that it was accessible to him.

Raphael said: “I didn’t know anything about how electric vehicles work, but this course has given me the opportunity to learn something new and taken me to the next level.

“I have knowledge of manufacturing and would like to work for a manufacturer producing electric cars or batteries and equipment for electric cars.”