City of Wolverhampton College signs Safer Students Charter


14 Mar 2022
Safer Students Charter
Safer Students Charter

City of Wolverhampton College has joined forces with colleges from across the region to sign a Safer Students Charter, affirming its commitment to creating a culture of safety for all students. 

The charter, developed by the Colleges West Midlands network, contains five safety elements to support students and help them to learn and develop by:  

  • Treating all students as active partners in learning and ensuring all college staff treat students with respect, consult with them and ask and listen to their views 
  • Creating an environment where peer-on-peer sexual assault and sexual violence is not tolerated and individuals can speak out and receive support 
  • Promoting equality, celebrating diversity, and ensuring whatever a student’s identity they will feel welcomed, supported, safe and included  
  • Providing opportunities for involvement in a calendar of themed activities to develop skills, confidence and resilience in preparing for the future 
  • Empowering students to become informed and healthy citizens.  


In addition, members of the Colleges West Midlands network will work together to: 

  • Encourage all member colleges to adopt and promote the Charter to shape student safety 
  • Develop a simple tracking system to measure progress and ensure student safety is enhanced 
  • Develop a plan for student activities and to promote shared resources 
  • Work with other partners to share information where it supports student’s safety and well-being.