Success Story: Science Student, Jack Drew.

Science Student Jack Drew

28 Nov 2017
Photo of Science Student Jack Drew
Photo of Science Student Jack Drew

“Science is like opening the jar of the world!” enthuses 18-year-old Jack Drew who is in his final year at college studying for a Level 3 extended diploma in science.

He added: “I became fascinated by science when I studied it at high school and it made me curious to find out how everything works in different environments.

“Study science at college has really broadened my horizons, helped me develop as a person and made me more accepting of things. The tutors are so enthusiastic about their subject which makes it an exciting and stimulating environment in which to learn.

“Studying science can open up a wide range of opportunities as there are so many different branches to go in to, and so many options of university courses or careers to choose in the future.

“And as science is constantly evolving and new things are happening all the time, I’m continually enthralled – wanting to know more really drives me on!”

After completing his course Jack intends to apply to university to study conservational science.