Success story: Teaching assistant student Alicia Sangha

Teaching assistant student Alicia Sangha

14 May 2018

“I’ve always wanted to work with children but I was so shy when I was growing up that I never thought I’d be able to do it, “ says 31-year-old Alicia Sangha who is studying for the teaching assistant Level 3 certificate.

Alicia, who has completed two work placements in local schools as part of the course, added: “I did the Level 2 qualification last year and whilst it was a challenge at first the tutors were very supportive and my confidence increased so I decided to progress to Level 3.

“Because of what I’m learning at college I feel as though I know what I’m talking about in the classroom and my experiences on placement fit in with units we’re studying at college so help with my assignments.

“I’d say to anyone that even if you’re shy you’ve got nothing to lose in doing a course – the tutors are there to help and I’m really glad I made the decision to come here.”