Success story: Teaching assistant apprentice Lucy Deeming

Teaching assistant apprentice Lucy Deeming

02 May 2018
Lucy Deeming
Lucy Deeming

Apprenticeships aren’t promoted at school but they’re the best way to get a job, gain skills and learn at the same time,” says 19-year-old Lucy Deeming who is an apprentice at a local primary school.

Lucy, who combines working with studying for the Level 2 certificate in supporting teaching and learning in schools, added:  “Through the apprenticeship I’ve gained loads of experience rather than just learning about it, and I can use my knowledge in school and relate my experience in the workplace to my assignments too.

“Since starting at the school I’ve been treated as one of the team and have recently been told that I’m being taken on as a permanent member of staff from September.  I’ll be being paid as a Level 2 teaching assistant and will also be supported to do my Level 3 qualification too – I’m really happy!”