Andy Armstrong - City of Wolverhampton College

Andy Armstrong

Andy Armstrong

Andy has held this position at the college for the past 23 years.

Andy’s role combines ensuring compliance with student and funding data capture processes, adherence to relevant external funding guidance rules along with contributing towards the analysis and eventual submission of relevant data for funding and monitoring purposes (to both internal and external recipients).

This requires the oversight of effective management of student enrolment,  funding data collection and supporting the planning and development of the curriculum offer. This covers various aspects including supporting the development of appropriate data capture systems, provision of funding advice and course validation and contributing to the effective analysis and monitoring of applications, enrolments, learner numbers, funding, registers and attendance, retention, timetables and staff utilisation data and exam entries.

The role is also responsible for all student related engagement and funding data returns to external agencies (including the West Midlands Combined Authority, Education & Skills Funding Agency and Office for Students). He is also a major contributor in the provision and analysis of data for departmental self-assessments and is the key contact for data relating to student related external audits and inspections.

Andy is also the college’s Data Protection Officer.